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Where are ads distributed?

We distribute your ads to a variety of websites. Websites include blogs, news sites, software sites, and more.


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How is advertising data managed?

We keep all data secure and private. The analytics platform we use shares our beliefs about privacy. The data collected, webpage, country, and device category, is kept secure and private.


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How are ads moderated?

All ads are inspected prior to launching in order to verify that they meet our content guidelines.

Content Guidelines

As a family-friendly organization, we prohibit any ads that are not rated for general audiences. This includes the ad's content, product, and link. We do not allow offensive ads, ads that misinform, ads for products or services that are not family-friendly, ads that promote illegal behavior, or ads promoting illegal product. Links to your website are NOT to be shortened links. This is to insure security, privacy, and quality.

(We have a limited number of ad slots available. If we are at capacity, we will place your ad in the queue and it will be posted once a slot becomes available.)

Ad images must be JPGs or PNGs (Videos are NOT supported).

Recommended image size: 1640px/624px


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