Web Design

Our team has developed websites since 2016.

Our team specializes in privacy-friendly, feature-full static-sites.

We build sites with using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Wordpress, and Wix.

It's yours.

Unlike many developers, we do not own your site. Once we build it, you can either manage it yourself or have us do it!

Built for you.

Every website we build is designed to meet your specific needs.

Built for all devices.

All websites are designed to function on mobile, desktop, and gaming systems!

Our Team's Featured Projects

Wave Digital Ministries

Our team developed and has been managing all of the Wave Digital Ministries websites since 2019.

Check out the sites

WDM Scholar

WDM Scholar is an example of an advanced static website. WDM Scholar is a Christian education website that is part of Wave Digital Ministries.

Check out the site

BCS Social (Beta)

BCS Social is an advanced static site designed as a social broadcasting platform. The project is still in beta.

Check out the site

Jacob Borg Programming

This is one of our team's oldest websites. Jacob Borg Programming is a project hosting website with several open-source projects.

Check out the site

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